Exceed your expectations.
Expand to new horizons.
Excel on your own terms.
The estrie05.ca portal focuses on the Estrie region and its identity, uniqueness and strong economic potential. The expansion potential of this administrative region of Québec (Number 05) supports three distinct focal points: the willingness to exceed expectations, the desire to expand to new horizons, and the drive to excel in your field. The Estrie region is the ideal home for businesses looking for an abundant, attractive, high-energy environment.

10 Reasons to Choose Estrie  |  Eastern Townships? Estrie?
Eastern Townships? Estrie?
The term “Eastern Townships” is also used to designate the Estrie region for tourism purposes.

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Quebec Government

Conférence régionale des élus de l'Estrie

Desjardins - Business Centre - Estrie

Sherbrooke University