10 Reasons to Choose the Estrie Region

Strategic Location Uniting the Canadian and American Markets

The Estrie region is located in southeastern Québec, near major markets in a key economic zone that extends from Toronto to New York by way of Montréal and Boston. It shares over 300 kilometres of border with the United States, and facilitates trade while encouraging the creation of business relationships.


Accessibility and Transportation

The Estrie region is easily accessible and navigable. It has numerous excellent internal core communication channels, including a thriving network around its major city, Sherbrooke, and an efficient highway system linking it to key cities in Ontario, Québec, the Atlantic provinces and the American east coast. Rail transportation to the United States and an air connection to Toronto complete the accessibility to the entire North American continent.


Education, Training and Labour

Knowledge and human resources are the basis of any industry. A business cannot be operated without an available, qualified labour force. The Estrie region has that labour force, as well as notable French- and English-language educational and vocational training institutions.


A Centre for Business Research and Innovation

The Estrie region has become a hub for development and innovation. Renowned research centres are being joined by a rising number of new research institutions, companies and organizations. This expertise has a business focus: knowledge that generates know-how.


A High-Tech Boom

The economy of the Estrie region, once based on traditional industry, is now undergoing constant change to remain vibrant and dynamic. High-tech firms are attracted by its drive towards research and development and training a specialized labour force, especially in the fields of engineering, leading-edge electronics, IT and life sciences.


Support Mechanisms, Financial Incentives and an Advantageous Regulatory System

The region is determined to leverage every opportunity to strengthen the position of businesses established here, and to promote the establishment of new businesses and industries. Investors can count on competent organizations, support mechanisms and competitive financial and tax incentives.


An Ideal Environment for Families and Unsurpassed Quality of Life

A variety of factors go into the choice of a region. The quality of life available in Estrie is certainly a deciding factor for those who want to raise their children in a safe, attractive, natural environment with a full range of services and amenities. The Estrie region is recognized as a leading region for resorts and tourism in Québec.


Network of Businesses, Suppliers and Subcontractors

Historically, the Estrie region’s economic development has relied in part on certain key businesses around which extensive networks of ancillary businesses, suppliers and subcontractors have developed and continue to develop. These networks are a major advantage for businesses that require such resources to continue their rapid expansion.


Complete Modern Infrastructure

From every standpoint – roads, information networks, energy, transportation, tourism products, utilities, industry in general or the municipalities themselves – the region boasts a fully functional, versatile infrastructure. Constantly updated, it supports and promotes the economic growth that the Estrie region is intently focused on.


Vision and Vitality

The Estrie region has many tangible advantages for businesses seeking a strategic location for their offices or operations. But the deciding factor is the vision and vitality of the general public, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the region. The common drive to make the Estrie region a key centre for innovation is exciting both for local stakeholders and for newcomers.


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