Estrie Region
The Estrie region is strategically located near ports, airports and major centres in Ontario, Québec, the Atlantic provinces and the northeastern United States. Because this geographic location facilitates transportation, accessibility and supply, the region is well-suited to the establishment of businesses that operate across many activity sectors.

Its physical features (e.g., vast hydrographic network, varied topography, rail and highway systems) make the Estrie region as attractive to manufacturing businesses as to service businesses or those catering to a seasonal or tourist clientele.
  • Distance from Montréal, QC
    158 km
    1.5 h
  • Distance from Boston, MA
    410 km
    4 h
  • Distance from New York, NY
    648 km
    6.5 h
  • Airports within 3 hrs
  • Ports within 4 hrs

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Conférence régionale des élus de l'Estrie

Desjardins - Business Centre - Estrie

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