The region has all the resources required for both quality education for young people and adults, and education and training tailored to the Estrie labour market. Many programs even provide customized training, often in partnership with businesses (on-site training, placements, co-op models).

The region’s bilingualism drives accessibility to services in English and French from kindergarten through university. For businesses, the existence of such a complete education system means a large pool of educated potential employees.

French-Language Institutions English-Language Institutions Bilingual Institutions
School boards 3 1 -
Elementary schools 88 13 -
Secondary schools 15 4 -
Primary and secondary schools 6 8 -
Vocational training centres 8 - 2
Adult education centres 4 1 1
Private schools 14 2 1
Private colleges 2 - -
Cégeps (Provincial colleges) 1 1 -
Universities 1 1 -
University Pole
School boards
Private institutions

Government of Canada

Quebec Government

Conférence régionale des élus de l'Estrie

Desjardins - Business Centre - Estrie

Sherbrooke University