The Estrie region offers a range of key sectors:
Niches of
The regions of Québec were assigned niches of excellence as part of the ACCORD (Action concertée de coopération régionale de développement [focused action for regional developmental cooperation]) program, a strategic approach to regional economic development introduced by the Québec government. The purpose of the program is to cluster related economic activities that distinguish each region from the others on an international level. ACCORD corresponds to other competitive centres or “clusters” around the world.
Areas of
The Estrie region’s areas of expertise are well-represented activity sectors with further development potential. They complement the region’s recognized niches of excellence. The vitality of these fields of activity supports established businesses and encourages the creation or expansion of new industries. Each RCM across the Estrie region also features its own distinct areas of expertise, which can be viewed when you choose an RCM using the interactive map in the expand section of this site.
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