The Estrie region combines high-technology assets with a wonderful sociocultural framework, an exciting environment and a range of bridging mechanisms for business and personal integration. Everything about this region instils a swift feeling that it’s where you belong.
Business Community
The decision-makers, economic stakeholders and general population in every regional county municipality (RCM) in the Estrie region all want to make their region a key economic centre. Their consensus on this objective, combined with the vitality of current businesses, a modern infrastructure made available to investors and a qualified labour force in the region, confirm that the Estrie region is a highly attractive and competitive business community.

Businesses that are already established in the region have not only helped to implement a robust network of suppliers and subcontractors, but have also generated major investments from which new businesses can now benefit. In addition, subsidiaries of foreign companies operating in the Estrie region have an international spin-off effect that is also likely to attract new investment.

The economic development of a business community is based on the consolidation of its positions and the attraction of complementary players. The Estrie region unwaveringly supports this process to accelerate its growth.


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