The Estrie region combines high-technology assets with a wonderful sociocultural framework, an exciting environment and a range of bridging mechanisms for business and personal integration. Everything about this region instils a swift feeling that it’s where you belong.
Quality of Life
The choice of the Estrie region is strategically easy to justify, but quality of life is often the motivating factor in a final decision. Fortunately, the Estrie region is more often than not the perfect compromise: proximity to major centres with none of their inconveniences, and a complete range of services in a healthy natural environment.
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The Estrie region has a damp continental climate with four distinct, contrasting seasons. Its southerly location makes for a climate that is less harsh than in most of the other regions of Québec; its topography and altitude are the main causes of variations in climate. One-third of its annual precipitation falls in the form of snow.

  • Sunny days

Family is unquestionably one of the key values in Québec society. Managing a good balance between professional life and personal life is eased by an increasing number of programs. The Estrie region relies on these programs and, especially, on a safe and pleasant environment for the whole family.

The Estrie region offers all the amenities, a modern infrastructure, a complete education system, quality health care, proximity to large urban centres and support for sports activities of all kinds. All the features of the Estrie region make it a perfect setting for family life. It is also worth noting that the region has one of the lowest crime rates of any Canadian region with at least 100 000 inhabitants.


The cost of living in the Estrie region is very reasonable, and lower than that of most Canadian cities. It is therefore relatively easy to find accommodation in the Estrie region, whether purchasing a property or renting an apartment. A variety of agencies are available in the region to help people find housing or a home.


In the Estrie region, education is supported by a stable network of institutions. The region has several school boards that include institutions for all levels and provide services in both French and English. Schools and private colleges round out the services available.

The Regional Branch of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport acts as liaison between the Ministère and regional stakeholders in the education system. It provides organizations with support and responds to requests for information and documentation from clients of the system and from citizens in general.

Distribution of Educational Institutions:

French-Language Institutions English-Language Institutions Bilingual Institutions
School boards 3 1 -
Elementary schools 88 13 -
Secondary schools 15 4 -
Elementary and secondary schools 6 8 -
Vocational training centres 8 - 2
Adult Education Centres 4 1 1
Private schools 14 2 1
Private colleges 2 - -
Cégeps (Provincial colleges) 1 1 -
Universities 1 1 -
Health Care

In keeping with the principle of universality, the people of the Estrie region, like all Québecers, have free access to medical care. In fact, the region has excellent health care services.

In addition to the ultramodern facilities of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS), there are regional hospitals, Centres locaux de services communautaires (local community service centres) (CLSCs) and private clinics.

The population of the Estrie region has a full range of quality health care services that are available to all.

  • Number of Hospitals
  • Number of Service Points

With its many mountains, lakes, rivers, parks and wooded areas, the Estrie region is filled with possibilities for anyone who wants to get outdoors, keep active and engage in sports.

Enthusiasts of sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, water skiing, golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, snowmobiling, fishing and hunting will have no trouble engaging in their favourite activity at their doorstep. There are also numerous facilities available year-round for working out indoors, snowshoeing, playing team sports and engaging in climbing, gymnastics, martial arts and swimming.

  • Ski Resorts
    in the Vicinity
  • National and Regional Parks
  • Lakes
  • Golf Courses in the Vicinity

The Estrie region has a great deal to offer socially and culturally, primarily because the region’s cultural life is based on its anglophone and francophone roots.

Year round, entertainment facilities, cinemas and art galleries offer a variety of programming, complemented by numerous activities, festivals and don’t-miss events, such as:

  • Le Festival des traditions du monde
  • Le Festival des harmonies
  • La Fête du lac des Nations et les Grands Feux Molson du Canada
  • La Traversée internationale du lac Memphrémagog
  • La Fête des vendanges
  • Le Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt
  • Le Symposium des arts de Danville
  • Le Festival western du Village des Dalton de Weedon

There is also the Sherbrooke Symphony Orchestra (SSO), under the direction of Stéphane Laforest, who is also assistant conductor of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM).


The Estrie region has long enjoyed a reputation for quality when it comes to top-of-the-line resorts. The attractions that make the Estrie region a popular tourist destination naturally make it an exceptional region to live in.

Scenery, lakes – including famous Lac Memphrémagog and its fabled monster – mountains, charming winding roads, round-trip excursions, gourmet restaurants, celebrated hotels and countryside B&Bs, golf courses, regional and national parks, lodges and activities to be found throughout the region are just some examples of the treasures it has to offer.

Because of its reputation as a resort region, the Estrie region has been able to build a complete tourism infrastructure. Everyone who visits will find an activity, accommodations or a restaurant that is just what they are looking for and makes their visit an unforgettable experience.


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