The Estrie region combines high-technology assets with a wonderful sociocultural framework, an exciting environment and a range of bridging mechanisms for business and personal integration. Everything about this region instils a swift feeling that it’s where you belong.
Business Support
The portal demonstrates the Estrie region’s resolve where economic development is concerned. Prompted by the desire to set up in an exciting business community, businesses that choose the region can count on the support of numerous organizations and associations and benefit from a variety of assistance programs.

The expand section of the portal includes information on the Estrie region in general, as well as on each municipalité régionale de comté (MRC [Regional Municipality]), particularly with respect to the programs or financial and tax incentives offered by the MRC. These local incentives are of course complemented by generous provincial or federal programs:

  • Ministère du développement économique, de l’innovation et de l’exportation
  • Investissement Québec
  • Emploi-Québec
  • Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

The complementary Web sites linked from this portal provide further information about the region and its MRCs (e.g., niches of excellence, areas of expertise, educational institutions, ministries and departments, local development centres). Contacting the resource people in the various sections of the portal is also easy.

Reference Web sites:

Government of Canada

Quebec Government

Conférence régionale des élus de l'Estrie

Desjardins - Business Centre - Estrie

Sherbrooke University